Who are we?

Wayfinding Practitioner and Signage Technologist since 1971.

We are a leading visual communications company offering a full spectrum of services to reputable organisations in both the public and private sector.

Since incorporation, we actively participated in Singapore’s growth from a developing city to a modern metropolis. Our works can be seen within any square kilometre in Singapore’s urbanscape.

Come talk to us to see how we can help your organisation or city transforms its environs; making your brand prominent, your urban architecture relevant and your users’ experience transcendent.


High integrity, trustworthy & professional


Design services spanning from corporate identity to wayfinding & placemaking. Our “breath & depth” approach ensures you meet your design objectives.

Design & Build

One stop turnkey design & build services to deliver your project from concept to completion; achieving tighter integration to generate project cost savings.

Custom Build

Work with design consultants to bring concepts to reality via a bespoke product unique to your development. We work with all materials, finishing and technologies.


Maintenance, permit renewals, messaging updates and refreshing services to ensure your existing system remains relevant & your brand elements remain prominent.

Technical Support

Auxiliary services (technical design, PE, prototyping, location planting, budgeting) for Architects & Designers so that they can focus on the creative.

Regional Branding Rollout

Project management, site survey, PE, permit application and installation for the successful rollout of your regional branding program.

Talk to us

Tel: (65) 6546 9633
Fax: (65) 6546 9655
WhatsApp: (65) 8819 2326
1 Changi South Street 1, Changi
South Industrial Estate, Singapore 486797



Great people
build great companies

We believe people are the basic building blocks of any great company. A great company is not just a commercially successful entity but it is a living breathing organism, made up of people with different strengths and from diverse backgrounds.

Thus we lead them well so that they come together as one body to collectively achieve greater things that can never be accomplished individually.
Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.

Great companies
build great solutions

Building great solutions is not dependent on a spurt of creative genius. But it is contingent on continual corporate investment in developing strong leadership, talented teams, company IP, adequate resources, creative workflow, rigorous processes and enduring industry partnerships.

We have continually invest in these to ensure that any good idea can be transformed into a great solution for our clients.
Collaboration is the multiplier
that exponentiate success.

Great solutions
build a great world

Our solutions not only add context to urban architecture, they elevate user experiences while imprinting positive memories. It is also imperative that they are sustainably delivered.

We deliver great solutions so that we can build a great world for generations today and generations tomorrow.
is here to stay,
or we may not be.
Passion is the fuel
that drives progress